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Excellent product. Great energy boost.
October 5, 2019

Verified Purchase

I don't do a lot of reviews, however, after listening to these guys on the Ben Greenfield podcast I had to try this product. I am not on the ketogenic diet but wanted to see if I got an increase in energy. And it certainly delivered on that. All I use is one capsule in the morning and I like the energy I get from it. I have tried so many pretty workouts and they never left me feeling right. While this is not a pre-workout I like the boost. Great product.
Jon J.
Very Helpful
August 22, 2019

Verified Purchase

I feel this product has improved my digestion and I have more sustained energy when walking for long periods of time. Prior to taking this product I was constipated and had occasional fatigue. I'm taking two capsules in the morning before food. I plan to continue using this product.
Taking to help move into Keto and help with fat utilization
September 13, 2019

Verified Purchase

I am currently taking 4 pills in the am on an empty stomach, and then 1 pill with each meal. The product is very expensive, in my opinion. 120 pills doesn't go too far when you're taking 7 daily. To be fair, they do not upset my (extremely sensitive) stomach, do not seem to be doing me any harm, ingredients list is clean and I do feel pretty good. It would be hard to say if I feel good because of the Ketogenic diet or because of the pills, I basically started both at the same time and knew it would be an issue to figure out which was most beneficial. I am also taking electrolytes and am happy to say that I did NOT get the 'dreaded Keto Flu'. Once this bottle is gone, I will not repurchase unless I feel bad, lethargic or have digestive issues. I would, however, repurchase if the price per bottle were $20 or so. At $20 I'd keep using them just because they sound like a good mix of compounds to me.
Zack Henderson
Restored my faith in my diet...
September 28, 2019

Verified Purchase

Definitely works as advertised. I have been doing the Bulletproof diet for a couple months and hit a plateau after losing 38lbs. I was starting to get frustrated and carbs and sugar were looking very tempting. After taking Kapex for a few days I broke through a weight loss barrier I had been stuck against for a decade and regained my faith and reset my metabolism. I recommend this in combination with the BP diet and intermittent fasting. Throw in a protein fast once in a while and you may feel superhuman.
Theron Andrew James
A promising new addition to my supplement stack
October 4, 2019

Verified Purchase

Reviewed after using one bottle with my wife. We have both used other digestive enzymes before so we have something to compare to. Overall, it's not that much different/better that some of the other "best" brands in that it and they are all very effective as supporting food absorption. The bonus is the metabolism boost you get. That is were it outshines other digestive enzymes. Because it also makes you a bit more alert, we don't take it after 2pm. Similar to caffeine, we found taking in at dinner challenge normal sleep timing. Though I use is for just that effect if I know I will need to have a late night. Strongly recommend giving it a try.

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